Monday, June 27, 2016

Teaching and Learning - A Wing Chun Do Teacher's Experience

Teaching and Learning - Wing Chun Do Teacher's Experience

Sijo DeMile, Sigung Rocco Ambrose, and Curt George

I've said it before. "A good teacher learns from his/her students." Recently, I was teaching a Monday night Wing Chun Do Basics class and it happened again. I received a gift of insight from one of my students. There were, this evening, a larger than usual number of advanced students attending. Upperclassmen often attend basic classes to mentor, as well as to reinforce and refresh their understanding of the basic levels.

I asked each of the upper ranks to take a new student and refine their Closed Bi Jong. I walked around the classroom and observed the progress. When I came around to one of the green sashes mentoring a third-night novice, in short order I realized that the senior was giving advance which was a bit too advanced for the new student. When I pointed this out, he acknowledged the point. He then said, "What do you think? I told him to put his elbows on his hips and make a triangle by touching his fingers together on the centerline." He then demonstrated that even the slightest misalignment of the centerline becomes immediately apparent. He asked, "Is that  alright?"

Is that alright? It's brilliant! It is an immediate graphic illustration of the correct mechanic. Thanks Jay for giving me a new tool for teaching stance work. I have integrated this demonstration to my presentation of the Closed Bi Jong with great success.

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